The first month … storms, drains and automobiles (well tractors, actually)

So, as you already know, we saw the place, couldn’t resist it and moved to Scotland. 

Rhoda's Cottage at Strachur HouseWe knew it wouldn’t be quite ready for us to move in and might need a few tweaks, so we set up camp in the most fantastic surroundings of Strachur House, in the lovely Rhoda’s Cottage.

Our love for Balliemeanoch held strong, even when we realised that perhaps the ‘few tweaks’ were going to take a wee bit longer than we thought.  Now here we are looking back, and can’t quite believe how eventful that first month was.  Some of the highlights …..

Perfect timing.  We arrived to start our new life on the day after the worst storms in 40 years hit the west coast of Scotland.  We were lucky compared to many, no major damage at Balliemeanoch other than a partly fallen tree and a collapsed shed!   It made for a very Storm damageinteresting completion day though.  After driving 18 miles to get mobile reception – the local masts were a casualty of the storms – we concluded the purchase of our dream property sitting in Morrison’s car park in Dunoon!

Buried treasure.  Building work on the farmhouse started in earnest, with drainage and septic tanks high on the list of priorities.  With all that digging, it was only a matter of time before we unearthed something interesting.  OK, so it wasn’t exactly treasure trove, but it was definitely antique  – actually an ancient tractor dropped nose first into a huge pit, unfortunately right in the path of our water pipe!  It could have been worse though.  Who knew? – it’s apparently legal to bury a body on your own land, so thank goodness we haven’t made any more grisly discoveries!

Mercy mission.  We got an unexpected cry for help from our builders one morning, as their van had chosen to break down in the worst possible place – on the Rest and be Thankful.  Romantic name, but a pretty bleak spot!  It’s a mountainous stretch of the A83 that links Argyll with the rest of the world, and is notorious for its frequent closures due to landslides (a real hot potato of an issue in this neck of the woods and yes, we have signed the petition!).  Anyway, we could at least deliver hot tea while they waited for the tow truck!

Exciting times.  Maybe I should write a book, if I ever find the time.

Published by Balliemeanoch Breaks

Fabulous B&B at Strachur, in the Argyll Forest and near the banks of Loch Fyne and Loch Eck. Baggage transfer service for the Loch Lomond and Cowal Way provided by Balliemeanoch Baggage.

5 thoughts on “The first month … storms, drains and automobiles (well tractors, actually)

    1. You’re telling me! Had to stop the car while a large group of frogs crossed the road this evening (true!) – that’s the closest I’ve come to a traffic jam since we’ve been here!

    1. Thanks Alexa – also for the offer of editorial help!! Here’s hoping that spring weather arrives sooner rather than later – the bad news today is that the boiler has packed up, so big jumpers and cold showers until the new one arrives on Friday….!

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