Let’s hop on our bikes and go to the pub

Seemed like a simple enough suggestion, so off we went, free-wheeling to the Creggans

The recent showery spell has kept us mostly indoors for a couple of days and we were in need of some fresh air and exercise.  A little run down our quiet lane, then along the shores of Loch Fyne, followed by a nice pint of this week’s selected Fyne Ale (Highlander, in case you were wondering!).  Fab – what could be better?Continue reading “Let’s hop on our bikes and go to the pub”

Two rooms with great views!

Well, here we are, ready to welcome our first visitors.  It’s been a long haul, but stage one is looking pretty splendid – even if I do say so myself. 

I’m not fooling myself, mind you, lots more to do and I am sure there’ll be plenty more of our exploits to share, but our first two guest rooms have made the hard work worthwhile!Continue reading “Two rooms with great views!”

Easter visitors – meet Barnaby, a very well-travelled bear

 A bit like that other bear with the red wellies, Barnaby Bear has been around a bit.

His home is with Class 1 at Greenhill Primary School in Wakefield but, whenever possible, he accompanies his classmates and teachers on their travels, and captures his adventures on camera to share them with the class when he returns.Continue reading “Easter visitors – meet Barnaby, a very well-travelled bear”

March 2012 – in like a lion….

We’re in!

Much as we enjoyed our stay at Rhoda’s Cottage, we were itching to move into Balliemeanoch.  And that’s exactly what we did, early in March.

We still had to rough it for a while.  There was heat, light and hot water (and not forgetting, of course those miraculous flushing loos!) but not much else in the way of creature comforts.  But at least it meant that we could spend every possible minute working on getting this lovely old farmhouse back into great shape.Continue reading “March 2012 – in like a lion….”

February 2012, nearly there!

With February came some surprisingly gorgeous weather and our first visitors (more of them later). 

The weather meant that building work could crack on apace, and we saw velux windows, downpipes, BT and their lovely broadband, working loos (hurrah, never thought that a sewage pipe could cause so much joy) and fixtures and fittings galore.

You may have noticed that the subject of sewage keeps coming up … Continue reading “February 2012, nearly there!”

The first month … storms, drains and automobiles (well tractors, actually)

So, as you already know, we saw the place, couldn’t resist it and moved to Scotland. 

Rhoda's Cottage at Strachur HouseWe knew it wouldn’t be quite ready for us to move in and might need a few tweaks, so we set up camp in the most fantastic surroundings of Strachur House, in the lovely Rhoda’s Cottage.

Our love for Balliemeanoch held strong, even when we realised that perhaps the ‘few tweaks’ were going to take a wee bit longer than we thought. Continue reading “The first month … storms, drains and automobiles (well tractors, actually)”

A picture paints a thousand words

Where better to share images of our adventures than on facebook? I’ve just set up a new facebook page for Balliemeanoch Farmhouse and Steading, so please do have a look and like our page and enjoy the views. I certainly do.

We’ll share our news on this blog and via facebook, so you are sure never to miss a thing.

In the meantime, I am working on blogs to tell you about our achievements, fun and games so far, so please check back soon!

The start of the story of Balliemeanoch

She said she was coming on holiday.  In fact, all she’s done is chronicle every move we’ve made,  either on Twitter or by blogging.  And you know what – I decided to give it a go myself.

I’m Angela, he’s Charlie.  We have both lived in London for more years than we care to mention. He’s a proud Scot, and 10 years ago he brought me to Scotland.  I fell in love with the place and have spent the last 10 years looking for a way for us to be here, permanently.

One day, surfing the net for Scottish properties, I spotted Continue reading “The start of the story of Balliemeanoch”